About Us

Our Vision

The Scholars Valley is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment that involves each student in a wide range of learning experience. These are designed to provide a balance of academic, athletic, artistic and social opportunities, thereby encouraging students to lift their aspirations to the highest level of their capabilities and interests.

The Scholars Valley fosters self-esteem and respect for others creating a stimulating and caring atmosphere alongside an appreciation of the world in which we live and our cultural heritage.

It is this comprehensive education that will serve to empower the students to take their place in the world of the future as compassionate, culturally enriched life-long learners and responsible adults.

Seed Educational Society

Education is the basis of all progress. Is is for this very reason that we forayed into education. Our experience has taught us that progress is possible only, if men and women are equally well-educated. Thus, we decided to launch an exclusive Co-ed day school, The Scholars Valley.

We are just like you, believe in holistic education for your child, encompassing academics, co-curricular-activities, sports education and life-skills learning. Our endeavor is to strike a balance between state-of-the-art infrastructure and an internationally acceptable education.

After you read through this prospectus, you will be convinced that we are doing what we started out to do.

The spacious campus, sports and academic facilities all bear testimony to this effort. In order to promote an internationally acceptable education, our key focus has been on faculty development providing continuous teacher training in order to deliver real value education and excellence in academics. Teachers are trained not only to teach well but are also expected to inspire confidence and trust in their students and become role models. Further, the school inculcates in the students a respect for tradition and ensures discipline and good manners.

The Scholars Valley encourages students to learn about themselves and their constantly changing environment, while at the same time offering support and guidance as they practice decision-making and social skills.

We are confident that this school is the best place for your child. We welcome your active interest and involvement in the progress and activities of your child, We look forward to your support.

If a child cant learn the way we teach,
maybe we should teach the way they learn.

-: Ignacio Estrada :-

Message from the Management

The Scholars Valley is an edifice of faith. It is the crystallization of the dream of The Seed Educational Society.

The Scholars Valley envisions an education system that is based on inspiration and innovation that kindles the dormant talents of its students. The school will have a deep regard for Indian traditions and culture, appreciate diverse faiths and beliefs and celebrate all major festivals in equal measures.

Focused academic pursuits, along with a wide range of extra curricular and co-curricular activities blend with the best values from east and west to help in making students "Sampoornam". Students at TSV therefore grow to become mature and responsible global citizens. The team at TSV consist of experienced and dynamic teachers, who in their quest for excellence dedicatedly follow the motto of "Explore, Innovate and Implement".

TSV endeavors to provide the best infrastructural facilities and all the prerequisites of a memorable, enjoyable, healthy and a wonderful school life. We sincerely hope that TSV will provide happiness and fulfillment for generations to come and beautifully shape the lives of its student year after year.

Committed we stand to give wings to your child's every dream.

Medium of Instruction

The teaching methodology incorporates a student-centered system of learning. While English is the medium of instruction.

Assessment System

Promotion to next higher class at the end of the academic year is on the basis of continuous assessment and in accordance with the rules decided upon by the CBSE.

Special Attention Classes

There are differences in the academic standards of the many students at TSV. In order to ease the transition into our mainstream classes, students who have not been given the required academic background in the beginning are placed in special attention groups and oriented to cope up with their classmates.

Similar groups are also created for students who are lagging behind their peers. The class teacher assists each student with her academic, emotional well-being or vocational difficulties.

A Committed Academic Body

The school has an extremely qualified and committed faculty. They are trained in the activity-based learning and teaching method. In addition, lesson planning, classroom performance and contribution to co-curricular activities are under constant supervision of the Principal. The school is also committed to staff development through a wide range of ongoing in-service programmes and workshops, which cover not only academics and pedagogy but also areas such as career counselling.

Partnership with Parents

We understand that the parent's active participation in the activities of the school is essential if we are to flourish as a school community. We would like that parent's experience to be a positive one.

Parents are kept informed of all school events through a newsletter and regular updating of the school's website. They follow their child's progress through regular and detailed interaction with the school.